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Deer Lake

Catch and Release

To protect the unique fishery that is within Deer Lake, the Michigan DNR has designated the lake as a catch & release site only.

  • DNR Fishing Guide - check out the DNR Fishing Guide for the rules and regulations in place at the lake.

Because Deer Lake is a catch & release fishery, it is a good place to enjoy a day catching fish and enjoying nature without the pressure of having to bring home a trophy fish. With catch & release, you get to make up a really good story about the one you let get away and people believe you! You will find excellent walleye and northern pike fishing in Deer Lake.

Deer Lake is also a great place for beginners to get a feel for fishing. This lake is designated as a Family Friendly Fishing Waters location by the DNR. The lake not only has a modern boat launch, but also an outhouse for when nature really calls.

Eat Safe Fish

If you want to catch fish to keep and eat, there are lots of other lakes and rivers nearby where you can do just that.

Learn more about our partners and the Deer Lake Area:

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