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Saginaw Bay Area

Stylized image of a seagull sitting on a pier in Bay City.

Eat Safe Fish in the Saginaw Bay Area

Do you know which fish are safe to eat from the Saginaw Bay, Saginaw River and Tittabawassee River?  Because of past industrial contamination of these waters, some fish have too many chemicals in them and should not be eaten.

In cooperation with the EPA, the Bay County Health Department, the Saginaw Department of Public Health and MDHHS are working to teach people who live in these areas about the advisories in order to protect their health and be sure everyone is choosing safe fish to eat.

Learn more...

You can now download and print or save the following educational materials:

Going hunting?

There are also wild game advisories around the Saginaw Bay Area.  Some wild game that have been tested have been found to have too many chemicals in their bodies and are not safe to eat.  Learn how to protect yourself and your family and choose safe wild game.  Download the Eat Safe Wild Game brochure now.

What's Happening on the River?

Would you like to know more about the plans for clean-up along the rivers or when the next Public Meeting is going to be held? Visit the EPA's Tittabawassee River, Saginaw River & Bay site.

Community Outreach

Are you hosting an event that you would like someone from the local health departments or EPA to attend to teach attendees about eating safe fish in the Saginaw Bay area?  Please contact Liz Warmbier at (989) 895-4281 or MDHHS Fish Advisory Science & Reports page to learn more about this project.

Have questions?

Please call the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services at
1-800-648-6942 or visit to learn more.


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