School Wellness Program

The School Wellness Program (SWP) was launched in 2010 to provide services to promote academic success by helping students achieve their best possible physical and mental health status. SWP staff assists schools, parents and other health professionals in the assessment, identification, planning, implementation and evaluation of the health needs of the school community in order to appropriately direct services toward a healthy school environment.

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SWP Reporting Resources
Year End/Fall Report Template (PDF)
Year End/Fall Report Template (Word)
SWP Quarterly Reporting Definitions
Clinical Reporting Tool (CRT)
CRT User Guide for SWPs

SWP Site Review Resources
SWP Site Review Tool
SWP Policy and Procedure Guidance
SWP Site Review Webinar Slides (October 25, 2021)

SWP Program Requirement Resources
SWP Minimum Program Requirements
SWP Provider Vacancy Notification Form
CAHC Provider Vacancy Flow Chart

Essential Elements for SWP Policies and Procedures
Medication Administration
Waste Management
Nursing Evaluation
Record Retention
Staff Training
Virtual Care
Vital Signs Measurement

Clinical Guidance for SWPs
Mental health crisis plan
Child abuse
Blood pressure screening

General SWP Program Resources
Return to Services Guidance Documents for Child & Adolescent Health Centers in Michigan
Trauma Informed Care in Child & Adolescent Health Centers
2019 Individual Student Crisis & Emergency Response Plan Guidance
2019 Response to School Wide Crises Best Practice Guidance
SWP FY18 Snapshot
SWP FY17 Snapshot
Health Centers Map
Child and Adolescent Health Center Program web page