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Expanding, Enhancing Emotional Health (E3) Program


EXPANDING, ENHANCING EMOTIONAL HEALTH (E3) is defined as program located in a school or on school grounds that provides on-site comprehensive mental health services from mild to moderate severity of need. It includes referrals, tracking and follow-up, throughout the year with signed agreements with the host school and/or local school district. The E3 provider is expected to operate at 40 hours or full time equivalent, five days per week at a single location. The 40 hours of clinical services must be provided by a licensed Master’s level mental health provider (LMSW, LLMSW, LPC, LLPC, LMFT, LLMFT). Appropriate supervision must be available.  E3 providers can be located in elementary, middle, high, or alternative schools and must follow School Code Regulations. 

Suicide Rate Resources
Michigan Youth/Young Adult Suicide Data Tables

Reporting Resources
New: E3 Report Definitions Revised October 2023
Revised E3 Quality Measure Guidance Document
Updated Quarterly Reporting elements Sept 2023
Revised Workplan Guidance Sept 2023
E3 CRT Demo
CRT Webinars

Site Review Resources
E3 Site Review Tool
E3 CQI Guidance Sept 2023
Best Practice Checklist
Required P&P Checklist

Program Requirement Resources
E3 Orientation Link 
E3 Minimum Program Requirements Revised June 2022
E3 Provider Vacancy Form
CAHC Provider Vacancy Flow Chart

Essential Elements for E3
CAHC Clinical Supervision Guidance
CAHC Treatment Group Guidance
E3 Summer Hours Guidance

Return to Services Guidance Documents
Communication with Schools Guidance
Administrative Guidance
Mental Health Warning Signs: Tips for Parents
School Wellness Program (SWP) Guidance
Mental Health Guidance
Clinical Guidance

Program Resources
New Revised MH Overview Sept 2023
Trauma informed Care in CAHC
2019 Individual Student Crisis & Emergency Response Plan Guidance
2019 Response to School Wide Crises Best Practice Guidance
Initial Brief Assessment
Best Practice Webinar 
Consent to Share Behavioral Health Information

E3 Map