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How to Become An E-Biller

It is possible for clearinghouses, software vendors, billing agents, and service bureaus to all handle electronic claims. They are all classified differently and some can be considered multiple depending on the type of business that they complete. Only a billing agent will be able to enroll in the Michigan Medicaid Community Health Automated Medicaid Processing System (CHAMPS) system. 

A billing agent that submits Medicaid claims via electronic media must be authorized by MDHHS before submitting claims. Once the billing agent has completed the business-to-business (B2B) testing requirements and is authorized by MDHHS, the provider must authorize the billing agent to submit their claims. The authorization for submitting claims via electronic media must be submitted even if the provider is acting as their own billing agent. 

New Billing Agents

All new Billing Agent enrollments must be completed utilizing the CHAMPS system. All providers who are associated to a Billing Agent will not be able to complete a new enrollment until the Billing Agent has been approved in CHAMPS. The use or storage of data on any system or servers outside of the United States is expressly prohibited pursuant to the State of Michigan and DTMB policy.

CHAMPS Access Information

The CHAMPS Application resides within the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services (MDHHS) MiLogin website. In order to access CHAMPS, you will need to have a valid MiLogin account. To register for a MiLogin user ID and Password please visit

For step-by-step instructions on how to complete the enrollment process in CHAMPS, view the documents on the Provider Enrollment Website.

Domain Administrator

The MILogin user who submits the Billing Agent Enrollment application becomes the Domain Administrator for that application. The Domain Administrator has the responsibility of assigning rights for all users within the organization to access the billing agent's file. Multiple Domain Administrators may be established for a single organization, but a separate application must be completed and approved for each administrator.  

Domain Administrator Functions

Provider Enrollment has established an email address for domain access requests.  Please send all requests to

For any Billing Agent related questions, please get in touch with

B2B Testing

All Michigan Medicaid Billing Agents will need to complete the B2B Testing process to ensure proper submission of HIPAA-compliant transactions. 

For further information please email

Instructions for Access to the CHAMPS B2B Test Environment

Testing Instructions

Policy and Forms

Michigan Medicaid utilizes the HIPAA-compliant ASC X12 Version 5010 format for HIPAA transactions, except those with retail pharmacies. Pharmacy transactions must use the NCPDP standard. This standard applies to claims, payments, and enrollment electronic transactions. 

Medicaid Provider Policy and Forms 

Electronic Submissions Manual (ESM)