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Native American Children's Services

Our Native American Affairs office provides a broad range of social services to protect, preserve and strengthen Native American families both on and off tribal lands.

We support an Indian population of approximately 200,000 with various services provided in partnership with Michigan's federally recognized tribes, the state historic tribes, Indian organizations, federal government and other community and state organizations.

If you have questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, please contact Jason Cross, Native American Affairs at We are pleased to assist with your inquiry or suggestions!

Additional Information

About Us

Information about us at Native American Services.

Native American Outreach Services

A number of services are available through our Native American Outreach Services (NAOS) program to assist Native American children and families.

Staff & Partner Resources

These resources provide historical, legal and cultural data about the services and support we provide to Native American families.

Tracing Native American Heritage

Tracing Native American Heritage

Tribal Consultation

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services facilitates tribal consultation with Michigan's 12 federally recognized tribes to provide comprehensive and innovative services to Michigan's American Indian Alaska Native residents.