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Multi-site Health Study - Birth Outcomes Supplemental Study (BOSS)

What is the Birth Outcomes Supplemental Study (BOSS)?

This is a special addition to the Multi-site Study (MSS) that only Michigan is doing. The birth outcomes study is designed to answer how PFAS exposure relates to a mother and baby’s health during birth.

To do this, researchers will measure the amount of PFAS in leftover newborn blood spots from Michigan’s BioBank and ask participants’ questions about mother and baby’s health, like how much a baby weighs at the time of birth and whether the mother experienced complications during pregnancy.

Who Can Join Boss?

  • Any adult born in Michigan on or after October 1, 1987, who is participating in MSS.
  • Any minors born in Michigan who are themselves or whose guardian is participating in MSS.

Why should I join BOSS?

On an individual level, you could learn about the amount of PFAS in your blood as a newborn, or the amount of PFAS in your child’s blood as a newborn.

You will also be helping advance knowledge about the amount of PFAS in newborns’ blood and pregnancy and birth outcomes, such as preeclampsia, decreased birth weight, and pre-term birth.

What happens if I join BOSS?

You will be asked to give us permission to access your and your child’s newborn blood spot and records from your pregnancy and your child’s time of birth.

Adults will be asked to complete a brief survey with questions about their pregnancy and birth history.

How do I join BOSS?

Joining BOSS is simple and fast! You can join and complete BOSS as part of your Multi-site Health Study appointment. You do not need to book a separate appointment.

BOSS visits can be completed in about 30 minutes. During the brief visit, participants will be asked to complete paperwork giving researchers permission to access newborn blood spots and health records and to answer questions about pregnancy, if applicable. BOSS participants are not asked to provide any blood or urine samples as part of the study.

If you have questions, please call 844-464-7327 to speak with a study team member.