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Buying fish from your local grocery store or fish market?

Buying fish from your local grocery store or fish market?

Plate with Fish Dinner

Most store-bought and restaurant-served fish and seafood are a healthy choice for you and your family. However, some of these fish have higher levels of mercury than others.Unlike mercury in a thermometer, you can't see mercury in a fish.  Also, unlike other chemicals sometimes found in fish, cleaning and cooking can't reduce the amount of mercury. Mercury collects in the muscle tissue of the fish, which is actually the filet that we eat.

Since you can't remove mercury, it's important to choose fish that "naturally" collect less mercury. MDHHS's Eat 8 tool makes it easy to choose fish for you and your family!

Buy Safe Fish & Eat 8

This brochure will help you choose seafood that is lower in mercury from your local grocery store, fish market or restaurant. If you're buying fish caught in Michigan, use the Eat Safe Fish Guide to choose safer fish.



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Need some inspiration for your next fish dinner? 

The MDHHS Hooked on Fish: Recipes from the Great Lakes State 
cookbook has nearly 20 new recipes you can try out!


Other Helpful Links

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Michigan SeaGrant - Michigan Sea Grant conducts scientific research aimed at understanding fish populations in order to provide a basis for sound fishery management.



Want this information to go? 

Click here to download or print now or call 1-800-648-6942 to request that a MDHHS Eat Safe Fish packet be sent to you.


If you want to learn more about choosing safe fish, visit