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Wellness Videos and Recordings

2023 Beyond the Plate Banner

In this five-part webinar series presented live in August 2023, registered dietitian and certified intuitive eating counselor Mary Balog discusses how many of us are still coping with stressful life disruptions due to the pandemic. On top of this, we may find ourselves navigating changes in our body, our eating habits, fitness levels or lifestyle routines. In this series, Mary introduces an approach to food and health that focuses on compassion, grace, and flexibility.

Week 1: Replacing guilt with grace on your wellness journey. Watch the recording here /Download the Week 1 workbook

Week 2: What is “healthy eating”? Watch the recording here / Download the Week 2 workbook

Week 3: Practical eating strategies. Watch the recording here / Download the Week 3 workbook

Week 4: Tools for emotional eaters. Watch the recording here / Download the Week 4 workbook

Week 5: Wellness beyond nutrition. Watch the recording here / Download the Week 5 workbook

Mary Balog headshot Presenter Mary Balog is a registered dietitian-nutritionist and certified intuitive eating counselor based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Beyond the Plate banner

In this six-part webinar series presented live in Aug. – Sept. 2022, registered dietitian and certified intuitive eating counselor Mary Balog discusses health and nutrition using a holistic lens.

Healthy eating is much more than what we eat. It’s also how, why and where we eat—and the types of food we can access. The pandemic changed these dynamics for many of us, leading to a reduction in wellness, both physical and mental.

Week 1: The Pandemic, Diets and Health. Watch the recording here / Download the Week 1 workbook

Week 2: The “Non-Diet” Approach. – Watch the recording here / Download the Week 2 workbook

Week 3: Embrace Food Culture. – Watch the recording here / Download the Week 3 workbook

Week 4: Explore Local and Seasonal Food. – Watch the recording here / Download the Week 4 workbook

Week 5: Eating for Connection. – Watch the recording here / Download the Week 5 workbook

Week 6: Food as Art, Expression and Action. – Watch the recording here / Download the Week 6 workbook


Does it sometimes feel like the pandemic has drained the joy from your life?  The Stay Well program presents a collection of animated videos exploring ways to move beyond pandemic struggles and reclaim personal joy.

Click the Episode Title below to access each video. 

After viewing, download our Points for Reflection and Discussion, useful for classroom/group discussions or individual reflection.


Episode 1: Positive Psychology
How can we begin to see the world with more optimism?

Episode 2: It's OK to not be OK (for now!)
Not feeling great? It may be pandemic flux syndrome.

Episode 3:  Joyful Activities
Explore activities that help to promote everyday joy.

Episode 4:  How do we heal?
We can't change COVID or our current situation, but we can find our way to healing.

Episode 5: Can boundaries help create joy?
Creating and maintaining boundaries can make room for joy.

Episode 6: Gratitude and Joy
The amazing relationship between grateful living and joyful feelings.

Be Kind Workshop Teens banner

During the COVID-19 pandemic over the past two years, many teenagers watched their friends struggle with mental health challenges.

This webinar is for teens who want to know how to help their struggling friends, and also how to improve their own mental wellness. You will learn:

  • How to recognize when someone needs help
  • What a panic attack looks and feels like
  • How anxiety can change people’s behavior
  • The best ways to offer support
  • The warning signs of suicide
  • Tips for keeping yourself emotionally healthy

Watch the recording here.

Be Kind Teens Banner Large

Teens are known to have their ups and downs, but studies show the COVID-19 pandemic has left many young people struggling with serious emotional distress.

Do you have a teenager in your life exhibiting dark moods, ongoing anxiety, or uncharacteristic new habits? Are you unsure of how to respond? Watch this recorded webinar and learn how to:

  • Recognize signs of distress in your teen
  • Provide positive support
  • Talk to your teen about mental health
  • Lead by example by managing your own wellness

Watch the recording here.

Stay Well - Creative Coping banner

It takes time for children to develop emotional intelligence -- the ability to perceive, understand, and manage emotions. Parents can play a key role in this development by helping their child learn the words and feelings associated with various emotions. This series of four online workshops paves the way by involving family members in creative art projects centered around identity, self-awareness, and emotional expression.

Click here for the free workbook.

Click on the title of the video to watch it.

Creative Coping: Self-Care Week

Creative Coping: Feeling Thermometer

Creative Coping: Anxiety Coping Statements

Creative Coping: NOTE TO SELF

Take a Pause banner

What can you do to slow down a racing mind… calm feelings of panic... or stop a barrage of negative thoughts?

Try taking a pause – and bringing yourself into the present moment.

T.A.P. (Take a Pause) is a collection of brief videos demonstrating mindfulness exercises you can do whenever you need to restore calm and focus.

Click on the title of the video to watch it:

Series Introduction

Guided Meditation

Body Scan

Mindful Eating

Grounding Exercise

 Chardae Korhonen head shot  

T.A.P. presenter Chardae Korhonen, LMSW, is a Youth and Family Outreach Specialist for the State of Michigan’s Stay Well program and a mental health service coordinator for a Washtenaw County high school. A licensed clinical social worker, Chardae worked for 11 years providing crisis intervention services and mental health support to youth and families experiencing housing instability. She also managed a program providing harm reduction-based substance use treatment to adolescents and young adults.

Mental Health Awareness Videos

These animated public service announcements supporting mental health awareness were created by animation students at Central Michigan University. We thank them for sharing their work.


"Beneath the Surface"

"The Right Track"

Psychological First Aid

Supporting students during a pandemic.  Michigan schools are dealing with a variety of student emotions and behaviors due to the ongoing pandemic. If you're a teacher or other school staff member looking to better support students, learn about Psychological First Aid (PFA). It's an evidence-informed behavioral health intervention that can help you engage with kids as COVID-19 continues to impact their lives. 

Watch the recorded video.

Reduce burnout

How to reduce burnout, regain hope and improve your quality of life.

Watch the recorded video.