WIC Formulas and Medical Foods

On November 1, 2021, Michigan WIC will begin offering Similac Formula


Click Here for a Guide for Similac Formula replacing Enfamil Formula


The Michigan WIC Formulary is a comprehensive list of all WIC-approved formula and medical foods:

List of Michigan WIC Authorized Formulas, effective November 1, 2021

List of Michigan WIC Authorized Formulas, effective April 16, 2021


Safety Standards and Inventory Audits

To ensure a supply chain with proper storage conditions protecting the quality of WIC foods, the Michigan WIC program requires Vendors to purchase WIC foods only from businesses licensed by the Michigan Department of Agriculture (MDARD), pharmacies licensed by the Michigan Licensing and Regularatory Affairs (LARA), or from manufacturers registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

This requirement is especially important for preventing health risks to infants from the consumption of improperly stored infant formula. Therefore, the Michigan WIC Program places a particular focus on actively auditing WIC Vendors' purchase records to ensure formula and medical foods are purchased from properly licensed businesses. A Vendor may be required to provide up to 3 years of purchase records to justify their sales of WIC items. To prevent an audit discrepancy, Michigan WIC recommends Vendors utilize effective record-keeping practices of all receipts, invoices, and purchase orders of WIC-approved items. 


Checking a Business for MDARD Licensing

MDARD's Citizen Portal (Click +Licenses on top of screen, then Search & Renew Licenses)

Phone: 1 (800) 292-3939

E-mail: mda-info@michigan.gov


Checking a Pharmacy for LARA Licensing

LARA's Citizen Portal (Click License Type on top of screen, then select Pharmacy and enter search criteria)

Phone: (517) 241-0199

E-mail: bplhelp@michigan.gov 


Checking a Manufacturer for FDA Registration

A Vendor may consult this provided list to determine whether a manufacturer is licensed by FDA.


List of FDA-Approved Manufacturers of Formula


Minimum Stock Requirements and WIC Vendor Monitoring Visit Report


WIC Division, Vendor Relations Unit Contact Information