Mental Health Spotlight

Details about the Department's hospitals and centers
Services for people who have a developmental disability.
Mental health services for children and their families.
Local services for people who need mental health care.
Values and principles for mental health services.
Information about safeguards for your rights when you receive mental health services.
Reports and data for CMHSPs & PIHPs.
Information on customer services standards, customer handbook standard language, and a training curriculum for PIHP customer services staff.
Information about evidence-based and improving practices
Medicaid Waivers
information for consumers and families regarding psychiatric advance directives.
Behavioral health publications and resources
Quality Improvement Council
Information about pending requests for proposals and grants
Protocols, Guidelines and other Useful Documents
Information regarding traumatic brain injury in Michigan
National Core Indicators
Developmental Disability Practice Improvement Team
information about the Behavioral Health Advisory Council
Information on the Supports Intensity Scale (SIS) assessment process, tool and uses.