Cancer Epidemiology

Survivor TreeCancer remains the second leading cause of death in Michigan. About 150 Michiganders will be diagnosed with cancer and 57 will die from cancer every day. Comprehensive cancer control is an approach to reduce the incidence and mortality of cancer by preventing it, detecting it early, treating it, and caring for those who are diagnosed with it. In Michigan, several programs work together to reduce the burden of cancer by:

  1. utilizing surveillance data,
  2. implementing policy, systems and environmental change,
  3. promoting health equity and
  4. demonstrating outcomes through evaluation.  

This page includes links to cancer surveillance reports, fact sheets, infographics, presentations and other data products produced by the MDHHS Chronic Disease Epidemiology Section.

For additional information on cancer related activities and resources in Michigan, visit the MDHHS Cancer Program website.


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    Lauren Spadafora, PhD
    Cancer Epidemiologist
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