Parent Resources

  • Michigan's child support services are delivered through MDHHS's Office of Child Support, county Prosecuting Attorney offices, county Friend of the Court offices and the State Court Administrative Office.

    Child support services are available to:

    • Parents of minor children, when one parent does not live with the child.
    • Parents who pay court-ordered child support.
    • Persons who have physical custody of a minor child.
    • Persons who receive public assistance for a minor child living in their home.

    If you are receiving cash, food, medical or child care assistance, you must cooperate with child support services. Instead of applying for child support services, you will receive a letter from the Office of Child Support with detailed instructions for you to follow. These instructions will tell you how you may use the online Child Support Response form to provide the requested information.

    If you are not receiving public assistance, you can apply for child support services on line, any day or time, at MiChildSupport. And if you have a child support order, you can view your case once you set up your account

    Note: The child support program does NOT provide divorce assistance, spousal maintenance (alimony) order establishment, legal advice or counsel. Consult a private attorney or legal source to obtain these services.

Child Support Program Overview - Starting a case
Public Assistance and Child Support
Locate a Parent Information on resources for locating absent parents.
Child Support Establishing Paternity
Order Establishment
Child Support Enforcement Information
Custody and Parenting Time
Modifying an Order
Health Care Coverage
Calculate Child Support