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Individual Providers

Individual Providers

Important update for Individual Providers: Changes are coming in April 2022 to the Electronic Service Verification (ESV) process which will affect how future payments are made. Click here for information about the change or to register for training.

An individual provider is defined by MDHHS as the direct care worker. The individual provider provides personal care services to an MDHHS Home Help beneficiary. An individual provider submits directly to Michigan Medicaid to be paid.

Individual  Providers must have their enrollment approved through the online MDHHS CHAMPS Provider Enrollment (PE) subsystem to be reimbursed for covered services rendered to eligible Medicaid beneficiaries.

An individual provider has the option to be enrolled on their own or on their own and associate to an enrolled Home Help agency. Please note if you currently work for an agency that might complete the CHAMPS enrollment file on your behalf.


  1. Get Started: MILogin Instructions
  2. CHAMPS Instructions
    • Instructions on how to complete and submit the CHAMPS provider enrollment application, revalidation, and more.
  3. Final Steps
    • After completing steps 1 and 2, contact the MDHHS local county office to get authorized, provide services, and submit an ESV for payment.
    • To ensure correct payment going forward and to prepare in advance for the ESV changes, MDHHS encourages Individual Providers who submit ESVs:
      1. Ensure all services which have been provided to the beneficiary are checked on each month's ESV.
      2. Ensure the daily services checked on each month's ESV are accurate prior to submitting the ESV.
      3. Sign up for Listserv, a free e-mail service that sends e-mails directly to your inbox with important updates for your provider type.
      4. Bookmark and check the Home Help provider website at least once per month for future updates.
    • For additional assistance, please contact Provider Support at 1-800-979-4662 or


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