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Your WIC (Women, Infants and Children) program provides nutritious foods, nutrition education and referrals for eligible women, infants and children.

In order for your WIC program to continue, it must operate in a fair and honest way. In some instances stores and clients are cheating or abusing your program. Fraud may include buy, selling or trading of  WIC benefits for cash and non-WIC foods.

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Help WIC Work.
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WIC Fraud Prevention.
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Program Integrity Objectives
  • Ensure WIC Program dollars are provided only to eligible families.
  • Investigate all allegations of fraud/abuse by WIC clients, WIC local agency employees, and WIC authorized grocers.
  • Increase awareness of potential areas of WIC Program fraud/abuse.
  • Assume a highly visible and proactive role in preventing and detecting WIC Program fraud/abuse.

Examples of fraud and abuse may include:

Clients who:

  • Sell or give away formula or foods purchased with WIC benefits (including selling formula and/or food through online sites such as Craigslist, Facebook, etc.)
  • Lie about income or family size when applying for WIC.
  • Buy non-WIC food with WIC benefits.
  • Trade WIC benefits for other items or cash.

Vendors who:

  • Buy WIC benefits for cash.
  • Accept WIC benefits for non-WIC food.
  • Accept WIC benefits for past purchases
  • Accept WIC benefits for credit.
  • Overcharge for WIC food.

What can the State do if we substantiate improper activities

  • Seek restitution for any WIC benefits or monies received as a result of WIC program fraud/abuse
  • Impose a punishment that may result in Disqualification from the WIC program
  • Make referrals to other public programs for investigation and/or possible criminal prosecution under state and federal law

How to contact WIC

If you think someone is committing fraud or abusing the Michigan WIC Program, you can let us know by:

  • Calling our toll-free hotline:  1-800-CALL-WIC

  • Mail:
    MDHHS/WIC Division
    Program Integrity & Vendor Unit
    320 S. Walnut St.
    Lewis Cass Bldg., 6th Floor
    Lansing, MI 48913
  • Email:

  • Fax:    517-335-9206

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