Licensing Process

Become familiar with the administrative rules for child placing agencies and the following procedures in order to assist you in the licensing process.



A license is issued to a specific person or organization to provide specific services, at a specific location, is non-transferable, and remains the property of the Department of Human Services (MDHHS).

  • Complete and submit an application (OCAL-3502).
  • Submit your check or money order payable to the State of Michigan (no cash) to the address shown. This is a non-refundable fee. Not required for MDHHS agencies.
  • Complete and submit Licensing Record Clearance Request (OCAL-1326). This form is required for the chief administrator of the organization. Please read both sides of the form before signing.

If you have not attended an orientation session, make an appointment with your consultant to discuss the requirements and process of licensing. In signing the application, you agree to operate in compliance with the Act and Rules. You will want an opportunity to gain a clear understanding of the total process.



The Bureau of Children and Adult Licensing will make an on-site inspection during the licensing process.  The licensing consultant assigned to do the on-site inspection will: 

  • Evaluate the application and other required application materials.
  • Interview appropriate staff.
  • Review written policies and procedures for all services to be provided.
  • Review records and record keeping systems.
  • Evaluate compliance with all child placing agency administrative rules.



When all necessary materials and documents have been submitted and reviewed, any necessary corrections have been made' and the consultant has made an on-site visit, a determination will be made with regards to licensure.

You will receive a letter stating the licensing action being taken and a copy of the Licensing Study Report.

If a license is issued, you will receive notification from the Department of Human Services, Bureau of Children and Adult Licensing, telling you when you may begin providing the services authorized.


If the license application is denied, you have the right to appeal the decision in accordance with Act No. 116, Public Acts of 1973, as amended, Section 12.



The amount of time required in issuing a license will depend upon completion of:

  • Licensing record clearances
  • Licensing consultant's on-site inspection.
  • Completion of work required.
  • Achievement of compliance with the licensing statute and the administrative rules.
  • Notification from the Department indicating the licensing decision.


If you need assistance anytime throughout the licensing process please contact the Licensing Unit at 517-284-9727 or toll free at 866-685-0006.