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Claim Void Information and Reports

What are claim voids?

TPL sends monthly reports directly to Medicaid providers via mail and CHAMPS. These reports indicate Medicaid paid claims where TPL has identified other Insurance (OI) as liable for the claim.

If the provider agrees with the voided claims identified in the report, the provider is to bill the OI entity for these services prior to rebilling Medicaid.

The provider has 30 days to review the identified claims and contact TPL for any discrepancies. If TPL is not contacted within 30 days, we will automatically void the services on the report. (Please refer to the report for contact information).

TPL will complete a claim void after 30 days from the date of the report. The claim void will return money to the State of Michigan for the paid claim. After the OI makes a payment on the claim, the provider should re-bill the claim to Medicaid with the correct OI information reported.

How do I void a claim?

A provider can choose to void their claim directly in CHAMPS if they do not wish to wait the 30 days for the claim to be automatically voided. Please refer to the Billing & Reimbursement Chapter of the Medicaid Provider Manual or view Submit Adjustment (Replacement) Claims Online.

As a reminder, a void will completely void the original claim in CHAMPS and take back the initial payment.

How do I access my claim void reports?

Follow this link for instructions on accessing claim void reports in CHAMPS