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Client Centered Services (CCS)

Video: Welcome to WIC Client Centered Services

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The path to CCS Skill development is a continuum. Knowing where to start in the process of achieving competency depends on each person's knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and skill level. The figure above shows the four categories of CCS skill development training resources. These resources help to develop and strengthen effective CCS skills to use in your busy WIC clinic.
Here's How to Get Started

Rethinking How We Listen and Respond in WIC

Video mini-series highlights WIC professionals using motivational interviewing in the WIC clinic.

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CCS Essential Skills: Communicate to Motivate

Twelve video lesson, Online course providing explanations and demonstrations on how to address complex counseling situations. Counseling Tip sheets and opportunities to practice are also available.

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CCS Skill Building
Webcast to strengthen CCS skills, by integrating motivational interviewing into daily practice by addressing challenging situations.


CCS Support