Cancer Survivorship

Who is a Cancer Survivor?

A cancer survivor is traditionally defined as a person diagnosed with cancer, from the time of diagnosis throughout the remainder of their life. Some individuals diagnosed with cancer will lose their life to cancer, some will live with cancer as a chronic disease, while others will live cancer free for the remainder of their life.

Cancer Survivor Needs

Survivors are living longer with the support from advancements in cancer care and treatment. However, they may still experience the late effects of their cancer for years to come and need support. See the MDHHS Cancer Survivorship Needs Report for more information on the needs of survivors, caregivers, and cancer disparities in Michigan. Receiving a diagnosis of cancer, undergoing treatment, and addressing quality of life concerns is difficult for all cancer survivors. Survivors may face challenges with:

  • Physical Health
  • Emotional Health
  • Spiritual Health
  • Financial Hardships and the Cost of Care
  • Working During and After Treatment

Ensuring that survivors have access to care, resources, and tools that address their unique needs and support healthy lifestyles can improve their quality of life. This page includes resources for survivors, caregivers, and providers.

Survivor Resources

Caregiver Resources

Provider Resources