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MDHHS MiTracking program logoFor many years, public health systems across the U.S. faced a knowledge gap about environmental hazards and public health. The Michigan Environmental Public Health Tracking Program, MiTracking, can help bridge this gap. The MiTracking Program gathers existing Michigan-specific environmental and health data and provides them in one online location. 

These data can be easily queried on the MiTracking data portal. Results are provided in tables, charts, and maps that can be downloaded, saved, and printed. The data provided by the MiTracking program can create greater awareness of environmental health concerns, and inform public health actions and programs. 

picture of the Centers for Disease Control Environmental Public Health logo
The MiTracking Program is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Environmental Public Health Tracking Program. For more information about jurisdictions in CDC's Tracking Program, visit Michigan's Tracking Profile or other program profiles.