Public Guidance

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    The following guidance applies across the state, but there may be more restrictive or specific guidelines in your area.
    Please check your local health department website for more information.


  • MERC Regions in Michigan with assigned Mi Safe Start Plan Phases.This table and map attempt to summarize Governor Whitmer's executive orders related to COVID-19. The executive order should always be reviewed, and in the event of a conflict between the order and this table, the order controls.

    Regions on this map and table were created by analyzing work and commuting patterns. The colors in this map indicate the phase of the MI Safe Start Plan for each region. The phase is based on a variety of factors including: (1) data on COVID-19 infections and the disease's rate of spread; (2) whether sufficient medical personnel, hospital beds, and ventilators exist to meet anticipated medical need; (3) the availability of personal protective equipment for the health care workforce; (4) the state's capacity to test for COVID-19 cases and isolate infected people; and (5) economic conditions in the state.

    Businesses are subject to these orders and may also be subject to guidance issued by MIOSHA, LARA, and other state agencies where applicable. Social distancing and mask requirements apply to all activities listed in the table.

    Download a copy of the MI Safe Start Restrictions by Category


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    These are the best practice guidelines and guidances for specific areas of the public sector.


    What to expect when you report for work or visit any public facility:

    1. Always bring a mask or face covering – you will have to wear one.  Employees will also wear a mask.
    2. Hand sanitizer should be available, but consider bringing some with you. It remains good practice to frequently wash hands.
    3. Stay home if you are sick.
    4. Keep 6 feet of distance between yourself and others.


    What to expect when you report for work or visit certain facilities:


  • The following resources are available to workers to ease anxieties and guide you through the uncertainties which come with this pandemic:

MI Safe Schools Roadmap