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Does it sometimes feel like the pandemic has drained the joy from your life?  The Stay Well program presents a collection of animated videos exploring ways to move beyond pandemic struggles and reclaim personal joy.

Click the Episode Title below to access each video. 


Episode 1: Positive Psychology
How can we begin to see the world with more optimism?
(Premieres week of 2/28/22)

Episode 2: It's OK to not be OK (for now!)
Not feeling great? It may be pandemic flux syndrome.
(Premieres week of 3/7/22)

Episode 3:  Joyful Activities
Explore activities that help to promote everyday joy.
(Premieres week of 3/14/22)

Episode 4:  How do we heal?
We can't change COVID or our current situation, but we can find our way to healing.
(Premieres week of 3/21/22)

Episode 5: Can boundaries help create joy?
Creating and maintaining boundaries can make room for joy.
(Premieres week of 3/28/22)

Episode 6: Gratitude and Joy
The amazing relationship between grateful living and joyful feelings.
(Premieres week of 4/4/22)

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