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Does it sometimes feel like the pandemic has drained the joy from your life?  The Stay Well program presents a collection of animated videos exploring ways to move beyond pandemic struggles and reclaim personal joy.

Click the Episode Title below to access each video. 

After viewing, download our Points for Reflection and Discussion, useful for classroom/group discussions or individual reflection.


Episode 1: Positive Psychology
How can we begin to see the world with more optimism?
(Premieres week of 2/28/22)

Episode 2: It's OK to not be OK (for now!)
Not feeling great? It may be pandemic flux syndrome.
(Premieres week of 3/7/22)

Episode 3:  Joyful Activities
Explore activities that help to promote everyday joy.
(Premieres week of 3/14/22)

Episode 4:  How do we heal?
We can't change COVID or our current situation, but we can find our way to healing.
(Premieres week of 3/21/22)

Episode 5: Can boundaries help create joy?
Creating and maintaining boundaries can make room for joy.
(Premieres week of 3/28/22)

Episode 6: Gratitude and Joy
The amazing relationship between grateful living and joyful feelings.
(Premieres week of 4/4/22)

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