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Return to Services Guidance Documents

Communication with Schools Guidance
Guidance to assist CAHC programs plan communications with school partners, clients and families during the return-toschool process, including the identification of respective roles, what information needs to be communicated and when, who is responsible for communication, and methods of communication.

Administrative Guidance
Guidance to help CAHC programs consider and navigate alternatives to some of the major administrative facets of program and service delivery, including those specifically required in MDHHS Minimum Program Requirements.

Mental Health Warning Signs: Tips for Parents

School Wellness Program (SWP) Guidance
This brief is intended to help your SWP plan to offer services through the multiple scenarios in which school may take place. The recommendations found in this document are focused on nursing services within the SWP.

Mental Health Guidance
This brief is a result of that work, and is intended to help you plan for considerations to mental health service delivery during the pandemic. While some information pertains more specifically to school-based programs, school-linked CAHCs may also find service delivery impacted and can glean valuable guidance from this brief.

Medicaid Outreach Resources


  • Youth Engagement Toolkit
    The MDCH Youth Engagement Toolkit is a compilation of tips for implementing a successful youth advisory council, sustaining youth involvement and sample activities you can implement with your adolescents.
  • CAHC Clinic Toolkits
    Check out our latest set of toolkits for clinical and mental health providers.

Minimum Program Requirements