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Youth Engagement Through Youth Advisory Councils Manual

Table of Contents

Section 1: Basics

A.  Service Learning

Core Components of Service-Learning
Service Learning 101 Presentation
Service Learning Handouts
Service Learning in Action
Service Learning in Community-Based Organizations

B.  Youth Engagement

Benefits of a Youth Engagement at SBHC
Easy Ways to Promote Youth Engagement
Engaging Youth Report
NASBHC Youth Engagement Toolkit
School-Based Health - Why Youth Engagement
Steps to Engage YACs for SBHCs
What is Youth Engagement

C.  Youth and Adult Partnerships

Adults as Allies
Introductory Youth-Adult Partnership Activity
Youth As Equal Partners Guidebook

D.  Creating and Sustaining a YAC (Assessment)

E.  Foundations for YAC Work

F.  YAC Alternatives (Assessment)

G.  Youth Survey - Consider Starting a YAC

Section 2: Starting a YAC

A.  How to Start a YAC

B.  Advertising and Recruitment

Advertisement SBHC YAC
Recruitment and Retention (Assessment)
Recruitment Flyer
YAC - We Need You! Information Flyer
Youth Recruitment Flyer

C.  Application and Interview Process

Interview Appointment Notice and Tips
Interview Questions
Interview Questions Rating Form
Interview Rating Form
Parent Letter
Parent Permission YAC Membership
Recommendation Form
Sample Application 1
Sample Application Package 2
Sample Application Package 3
Sample Application Package 4
Sample Application Package 5
YAC Acceptance Letter
YAC Rejection Letter

D.  Focus Groups

Conducting Focus Groups
Sample Focus Group Questions and Process

Section 3: Meetings

A.  Meeting Logistics

Meeting Minutes Template
Meeting Roles
Operating Procedures
Sample Agenda
Schedule Template
Sign In Form Template
TAC Fall Schedule Sample - SHS 2013
Youth Sign In Sheet

B.  Setting the Stage

Activities to Get to Know YAC Members
Big Questions Game
Ice Breakers
Ice Breaker - New Planet Activity
Where Do I Fit In
Work Style Assessment

Decision Making Handout
Expectations & Benefits
Ground Rules
Honoring Diversity
Listening Blocks
Making Group Decisions
Think Respect Pledge Border
What Makes a Group - What Makes a Team
YAC - Why Are We Here
Youth-Led Meetings (Assessment)

C.  Work Group Projects

Bullying Project
Bullying Agenda 2007
Bullying Agenda 2008
Bullying East Middle School
Bullying Resources
Summary Bullying Projects
YAC Bullying Skit Scripts

Health Disparities Project
Group Interviews for Health Equity Project
Target vs. Non Target Groups and Norms
Youth - Self Evaluation

Photovoice Project
How to Implement Photovoice in Your Community

Consent Form for People in Photos
Photovoice Parent Consent Example
Photovoice Recruitment Flyer
Sample SWOT
Youth Intro to Photovoice

Seatbelt Project
Final Project Presentation

Final Project Report
Final Project Summary
Seat Belt Data Analysis

Sexual Health Project
Sexual Health Assembly

Dating Violence
Interview Q's
Post Skit Questions
Sexual Health Script
Through My Eyes Skit
Leader Call Notes
Sexual Health Contraception

Stall News
Stall News Example 1

Stall News Example 2
Stall News Example 3

D.  Focusing Your Project

E.  Planning YAC Projects (Assessment)

F.  VENT Book Project
Email to receive a copy of this project

G.  Work Groups Project

H.  YAC Member Training
Leadership Training Agenda 2011
Leadership Training Agenda
Leadership Training Plan 2009
Leadership Training Plan 2011
Training Evaluation
Training Introduction Activity
YAC Training Reminder

I.  YAC Certificate Template

Section 4: Skill Building For Youth

A.  Building Communication Skills
Communication Activities
Communication Role Plays
How to Write an Op-Ed

B.  Building Decision Making Skills
Decision Making Activities
Decision Making Role Plays

C.  Building Problem Solving Skills
Problem Solving Activities
Problem Solving Role Play Scenarios
Team Work Problem Solving Games

D.  Activity Favorites

E.  Dreaming in Color - Book Discussion Questions

F.  Group Activities Rating

Section 5: Evaluations

A.  Academic Achievement Study

B.  Annual Progress Report 2008

C.  Decision Making Assessment

D.  KCP - YAC Survey

E.  KCP - Logic Model

F.  RAHS Participant Survey

G.  Self Esteem Scale

H.  Self-Peer Assessment

I.  YAC Year End Survey

J.  YAC Evaluation Plan with Tools

K.  YAC Evaluation Plan

L.  YET Survey

M.  Youth Leadership Self Assessment

Section 6: Advocacy

A.  Advocacy 101

B.  How to Plan an Event

C.  Language of Persuasion - Creating Advocacy Messages

D.  Position Statement on Youth Involvement

E.  SBHC Advocacy Contest 2014

F.  SBHC Awareness Month Activities

G.  SBHC Talking Points

H.  Sexual Health Talking Points

I.  Social Power Advocacy

J.  Youth Legislative Day Press Release Example

K.  Youth Letter

Section 7: Additional Resources

A.  DC YAC Talk
DC YAC Presentation - Part 1
Presentation Agenda

B.  Social Media Resources
Follow Us - Like Us Sign
Using Social Media to Engage Participants

C.  Clothing Order

D.  Field Trip Policy

E.  Something to Think About Poem

F.  Youth Voices in SBHC - Journal of School Health